Meet the founders of High Ride Cycle, Megan & Scott Hanson. 


Early 2017, our lives changed forever. 

It started with a quick conversation. My sister, Lindsay, said, “You should open a cycling studio,” after her and I received our MadDog Spin certification. My passion for health and fitness and my entrepreneurial spirit drove me to say, “Yes, you’re right, I should”. Once I convinced Scott this was a great idea, we developed a dream to bring a dance party on a bike to Denver. There was no looking back; we were full steam ahead.

We found the perfect location, maxed out all our credit cards, took a lien on our house, asked all our friends and family to help us lay floors and paint (to save money), and officially opened our doors in July of 2017 having no clue what we were doing. We wouldn’t change a thing. 

It has not been an easy ride, but it’s been so worth it. We cannot thank everyone enough for showing up for us and for believing in us. It means the world.

High Ride, we LOVE you so much it hurts - and we’re just getting started.